2021 Social Media Content Calendar Template

Simplify your marketing with this handy social media content calendar template – containing some dates of interest for each month, ideas and tips for posting on social media.



Struggling with what to post on social media and when?
Step up your social media in 2021 with this excel template containing content ideas & tips that have been diligently laid out to set you up for success. This social media content calendar template will help you to visualise social media post ideas and work on a social media content strategy and calendar throughout the next year. Small businesses or individuals can use this template as a guide in terms of focus & upcoming promotions/special dates but it should also be used as a space to add ideas and themes specific to your business or product.

  • Easy to use Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheets Doc.
  • Keep on track of your upcoming social media plans with this excel sheet. Includes 1 sheet per month for 2021.
  • Get an easy overview of your monthly content calendar with some ideas and special dates included for each month.
  • Contains some basic tips about posting and best practices for social media.
  • Some of the special dates and themes that are included might not be relevant for your business, so our suggestion would be to keep the ones that are relevant to you and delete the ones that aren’t.
  • A good starting point that can be built upon in terms of adding more ideas and content themes relevant to your business or product.


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